Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade Art, Library, Music, and Physical Education

The Visual Arts Standards for Elementary Schools (k-5)

The visual arts standards in the elementary years focus on General Art knowledge and skills to help create a foundation for artistic study in later years (drawing, painting, sculpture, and media arts). In each grade k-5, students explore techniques of various artistic styles, follow simple steps in the creation process, learn how to critique works of art, identify art in the world and daily life, and discover ways that artwork helps people better understand cultures and historical eras.

The Music Standards for Elementary Schools (k-5)

The music standards in the elementary years focus on General Music knowledge and skills to ensure a solid foundation for more specialized musical study in later years (band, choir, orchestra, composing, arranging). In each elementary grade, students investigate and perform various music styles and genres, examine the language of music through identifying and writing simple music notation, consider simple musical composition processes, and develop the ability to describe their own musical preferences as well as critique the music of others.

The Physical Education Standards for Elementary Schools (k-5)

The Physical Education standards in the elementary years focus on enhancing health-related components of fitness and skill-related components of fitness and personal activity. In each grade, the standards ask students to demonstrate various movement concepts, assess personal behaviors, connect fitness development to body systems, and utilize safety procedures during physical activities.

Important Grade Level Information:

P.E.- Always have tennis shoes on your day of class

Art- Wear clothes that you can create in (get messy)

Library- Books can be checked out for two weeks at a time

Grade Level Times:

Summit Studios are during the morning block.

Specials are during the afternoon: 12:25-3:45

Teacher contact information:

Morgan Schilling -

Trecia Garrick -

Margaret Rudin -

Sue Wright -