Welcome to Summit!

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the the Summit community as your principal. We are truly focused on building a family and a community within our school! While there is a building here that we refer to as school, it is not the bricks and mortar that make this is a school. It is the people!

It is our staff! We care beyond words for each and every child! We care about each other and our success as a whole! We truly love every child and work diligently to provide the best opportunity, every single day! We are committed to the important and critical work to prepare every child for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead!

It is our children! They own this school! They do not come to school to have the day happen to them. They are here to learn and to grow each and every day! They cheer each other on and pick each up! It is their tireless efforts to be their very best and to bring the best out in one another that make Summit great!

It is our families! You are chosing Summit not only for your children, but for your family! We are here to serve and support you all! It is our mission to work as partners to provide the greatest opportunities for your children each and every day! Together we can provide the best experience! Wether a family is able to support their children by volunteering daily, weekly, or ever so often, all families are welcome at school! We encourage you to join us for lunch and evening events! We encourage you to join Supporters of Summit (SOS)! We encourage you to be here! This is OUR school!

School is not a place or building! School is the people! Welcome to Summit! We are glad you are here!

Respectfully yours,

Katie Rexford, Principal