Special Education

The Summit Elementary School special education team services students in preschool through 6th grade with special needs.

Department Message:

In the special education department, we strive to meet the special needs of students with disabilities while focusing on their strengths. We work to achieve growth in both academic and social areas so that each student can be successful and independent in their journey through school and into life.

Important Grade Level Information:

Transition plans are being looked at for students moving to the middle school. If this was not discussed at your child’s IEP and you have a 6th grader transitioning to middle school, please contact your child’s special education provider.

Pertinent Grade Level Times:

Each student has individualized programs based on their needs. Services are both in the general education classroom and in the special education room. Services are coordinated with general education teacher schedules and intervention blocks to maximize time spent with their peers.

Teachers/ Case Managers:

Mary DelMarco: mdelmarco@wpsdk12.org

Samantha Kohr: skohr@wpsdk12.org

Allison Davis: adavis@wpsdk12.org