Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten - Nora Dransfield

Kindergarten - Griffin Kahnke

First Grade - Rebecca Madigan

Grade Level Message:

The first years of school are so vital in creating a love for learning! Therefore, it is important to meet students where they are both academically and social/emotionally to ensure that all students feel confident, yet challenged. Learning experiences are created with developmental appropriate considerations. The beauty of early learning is to have students feel as if they are playing, while teachers know they are learning!

Important Grade Level Information:

Snacks - Please make sure your child brings one snack each day

Water Bottles - Students can bring a water bottle to keep in the classroom

Brain Breaks - We will have brain breaks throughout the day as needed

Dismissal - Your child will have a number on their backpack that corresponds to the number on your car. When you pull up to the school we will let your child know that you are here and they will be dismissed from their classroom.

Teacher contact information:

Nora Dransfield (Kindergarten):

Griffin Kahnke (Kindergarten):

Rebecca Madigan (First Grade):