Title I is a Federally-funded, general education support program. The goal of Title I Reading is to provide extra reading/math support and instruction for struggling readers.

Grade Level Band:

We service all children that have a reading or math deficiency. (Kindergarten - Sixth grade)

Important Grade Level Information:

Students receiving Title l assistance are those students who, for a variety of reasons, have fallen behind their peers in reading/math. The purpose of Title l is to help them catch up to grade level and succeed in the classroom.

Students in grades K-6 are eligible for the Title l program, with priority given to the youngest students. If reading/math problems are addressed when they first occur, children have a better chance to be successful in school.

Teacher Contact Information:

Allison Brown - abrown@wpsdk12.org

Terri Gunter - tgunter@wpsdk12.org

Kristine Hensley- khensley@wpsdk12.org

Allison Davis - adavis@wpsdk12.org