Summit Elementary

We are planning for clubs and activities to return next school year 2021-2022! All pictures shown are from 2019-2020.

Students in snow

Elevate Your Education (E3)

All students at Summit have the opportunity to connect with our environment through the collaboration with Catamount instructors. This is an ongoing opportunity that changes and adjusts with the needs and desires of each grade level. Students get hands on experience and they develop an appreciation and a deeper understanding of the natural world around us.


Summit Studio

Summit Studio is time carved out of the week for students to engage in creative activities, critical thinking, problem solving and logic and reasoning. This is accomplished through various opportunities offered to students! Students are engaged in classes such as Destination Imagnition, Photography, Mural Painting, Yoga Stories, Social Dance, Weaving, Yearbook and many, many, more!!


X-Art and X-PE

We offer specialized art and PE class opportunities for students who have needs in the areas of gross motor and fine motor skills and development. Our specialists work hand in hand with the physical and occupational therapists in order to provide an enriching experience that grows our students skills!


Space Foundation

Our 4th graders have the opportunity to work with specially trained instructors in collaboration with their classroom teachers. The Space Foundation is located on the west side of Colorado Springs. There are a variety of simulators and experiments that students utilize under the guidance of Space Foundation instructors to reinforce the standards they are learning about space!

Dynamic Offerings

Throughout the school year we seek opportunities through field trips, guest speakers, and special presentations to bring new perspectives and broaden our students understanding in various areas of their studies. These opportunities are fluid from year to year and from grade level to grade level! We are always seeking to bring the best to our students as work to meet their needs!