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Order your yearbook online and enter code: 55454F

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Ordering available until: April 6, 2021

Cover personalization MUST be ordered by March 20, 2021.

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Students love our monthly Popcorn/Spirit Days!

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We raised $700 through the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament! Gateway will purchase 6 outdoor tables so students can eat lunch outside on nice days.

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Students taking advantage of the nice weather and learning outside.

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Dress Up Week!

Monday, March 1 - My Many Colored Days (Each grade level wears a different color: preschool - red; Kindergarten - blue; 1st - orange; 2nd - yellow; 3rd - purple/pink; 4th - green; 5th - black; staff - rainbow)

Tuesday, March 2 - Cat in the Hat (Wear a Hat)

Wednesday, March 3 - If I Ran the Zoo (Wear an animal print, animal costume, or shirt with an animal on it)

Thursday, March 4 - Oh the Places You'll Go (Wear something to school that shows what you want to be when you grow up)

Friday, March 5 - No School

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Braedon W. is the Rock, Paper, Scissors Gateway Champion!

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