Gateway Elementary

School Activities

All activities are currently postponed or limited due to Covid restrictions.

Gateway Ambassadors

Group photo of first semester Ambassadors

Gateway Ambassadors

The Gateway Ambassadors program provides mentoring, peer counseling and mediation to younger students at our school. The Gateway Ambassadors are fifth graders who are trained in problem-solving and conflict resolution, putting those skills to work on the playground, the lunchroom and in the classroom. The Gateway Ambassadors will also provide help at school functions, give school tours, welcome new students and are involved in promoting the school.

Elevate Environmental Education

Catamount Institute is dedicated to developing ecological stewardship through education and adventure by connecting kids with nature through meaningful outdoor experiences. What’s more, children learn that they have the powerful ability to protect and nurture the natural world.

Think Tank

student painting Starry Night

First Grade Think Tank Project - Painting Starry Night

Think Tank is passion driven, choice driven enrichment that allows students to pick their own project and learning outcomes, while still hitting all the standards and skills for their grade level.

Space Foundation

Space Foundation supports the fourth grade Science curriculum by collaborating with specially trained instructors and their classroom teachers.

Swimming Lessons

Gateway students have the opportunity to receive free swimming lessons at the Woodland Aquatic Center.

students leaning on the edge of swimming pool

Swimming lessons at Woodland Aquatic Center.