Gateway Elementary

Fifth Grade

Welcome to Gateway's Fifth Grade!

Mrs. Johnson's Classroom Goal:

We come alongside students and families with relentless love in action to maximize each student’s potential to become.

Code of Cooperation:

  • Alongside- side by side
  • Relentless- don’t give up & never ending
  • In action- showing & doing
  • Maximize- make the most of
  • Become- you can become

Mr. Woods' Classroom Goal:

As students in Mr. Woods’ class, we will work with never ending love and respect to “become”.

Code of Cooperation:

  • Remain quiet when our teacher and peers are talking
  • Listen to our teachers and peers with respect
  • Work hard to achieve our individual goals

Our fifth grade team is here to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Rebecca Johnson

Jon Woods