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Welcome to Woodland Park Early Childhood Center!

If you would like more information about registering your child for preschool please click on the link below to email the director, Katie Icenhower.

2022-2-23 Preschool Information

Update for 22-23 school year: We are requiring all children to be potty trained before starting the 22-23 school year. We will set up accommodations for any child who has delays or disabilities that may hinder them from meeting this requirement. A meeting with the child’s teacher, the special education teacher, and the director will need to take place prior to the first day of school.

Katie Icenhower

Colorado state law requires children attending preschool to have a current physical and an immunization record on file. Click here for additional information.

Our Vision
Planting the seeds to grow our children’s future.

Our Mission

We come together with compassion and grace for children and their families to guide and nurture through play, building confidence, empathy, independence, and respect in a safe and loving environment.

Ms. Connie's Classroom Goal:

We keep ourselves safe, we keep our friends safe, and we keep our toys safe.

Code of Cooperation:

  • Using safe hands with ourselves, friends, and toys.
  • Have walking feet in the classroom and school.
  • Using kind words with our friends and teachers.
  • Having helping hands for our friends and teachers.
  • Using our big voice so our friends and teachers know what we are thinking and doing.
  • Using our listening ears with our friends and teachers.

Mrs. Jackie Hood's Classroom Goal:

Your job as a preschooler is to keep the classroom safe, my job as a teacher is to keep you safe.

Code of Cooperation:

We will use kind words, have helping hands, use big voice, and have listening ears.

Mrs. Annie LaGrange's Classroom Goal:

We will use our big voices to communicate, Helping hands, listening ears, and kind words.

Class Code of Cooperation:

To be nice to each other. Listen to the teacher. Help keep our classroom clean and play safely.

Mrs. Laina Carver's Classroom Goal:

Our class will keep ourselves safe, our friends safe and our things safe.

Class Code of Cooperation:

Helpful Hands- Kind Words- Big Voice- Listening Ears

Our Early Childhood team is here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Katie Icenhower, Director

Jackie Hood

Laina Carver

Sarah Junko

Connie Knowles

Annie LaGrange

Please click on the link below to view the handbook.