Gateway Elementary


Mrs. Miller's Classroom Goal:

In Kindergarten, we will follow directions, show respect, and persevere when things get tough!

Class Code of Cooperation:

  • We listen and follow directions.
  • We respect others, our surroundings and ourselves.
  • When things get tough, we use strategies to help us persevere.
  • We have “I Can” attitudes. We are responsible for us!

Mrs. Walker's Classroom Goal:

In kindergarten, we will behave, exercise, show love, listen and learn.

Code of Cooperation:

  • We will try our best.
  • We will exercise our brains by learning and playing.
  • We will show love with waves, being kind and caring.
  • We will listen with our ears, our brains, and our quiet bodies.
  • We will practice reading, using chromebooks, math and writing.
  • In Kindergarten, we will have fun!

Our Kinder team is here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on kindergarten at Gateway.

Michelle Miller

Amy Walker