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Professional Development

Woodland Park School District is committed to providing professional development opportunities to our staff in an effort to continually improve student achievement. Our goals are to provide greater consistency in standards and student expectations, align our curriculum from grade to grade and across content areas, and incorporate high quality 21st Century strategies and techniques into every classroom.

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year including:

  • Building level professional development tied to identified needs
  • Collaboration among colleagues to align curriculum, share best practices, analyze assessment data, and monitor student progress
  • Study groups to research and evaluate new ideas, techniques, or strategies
  • Individual or small group mentoring
  • District courses offered throughout the year
  • Summer courses

Reclassification & Remuneration Information




Woodland Park School District administers a variety of assessments throughout the school year which meet state and federal requirements. Attached you will find a list of those assessments which indicate the purpose, content area assessed, testing windows, approximate student testing time and grade levels. The chart also indicates whether the assessment is a state required assessment or district level where results are only analyzed at the building level for instructional purposes measuring student progress throughout the year.

Various district assessments such as DIBELS and iReady testing are used as quick benchmarking assessments throughout the year to check progress, adjust instruction if needed and target interventions for students who may be struggling. Teachers analyze these results frequently throughout the year to better meet the needs of your child.

State assessments in CMAS, PSAT, SAT, and DLM give us information about how your child is progressing in key academic areas throughout their school career and how they compare to other students in the state. The PSAT and SAT are an integral part of the Individual Career and Academic Planning (ICAP) at the high school and are often used for college entrance and scholarship applications. Additionally, the SAT results are used as one piece of evidence for graduation requirements. While these assessments are Colorado State standardized assessments, they do meet the federal statutory requirement.

Some of these assessments are computer-based (CMAS, iReady, PSAT, and SAT). Each school will notify families of upcoming assessments along with their assessment schedule depending on grade level and content area prior to the testing windows. As per Colorado law, parents have the right to refuse to have their child take state standardized tests. Parents wishing to withdraw their child from standardized state assessments should contact their child’s school.

We appreciate your involvement in your child’s education and encouragement of their positive participation in these assessments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or your child’s school directly.

2023-2024 Assessment Schedule