WPSD Re-2 Educational Opportunities

Options for Schooling at Home

Woodland Park School District offers several options for families who homeschool their children at home.

WPSD Re-2 Online Program

Our WPSD Re-2 Online Program offers a full curriculum, along with follow-up and assistance through our Liaisons, Katie Rexford (for grades K-6) and Kimberly Cook (for students grades 7-12).

WPSD Online Program Student/Parent Handbook

For more information, click here.

Enrichment Academy

Our Enrichment Academy provides an opportunity for online and homeschooled students to participate in enrichment activities at Summit Elementary School one day each week for grades Kindergarten-8.

Part-Time Student Opportunities

Our WPSD Re-2 Online and home-schooled middle school and/or high school students are encouraged to participate part-time in enrichment and content area courses on campus, as well as in athletics and many other activities. For more information contact:

  • Woodland Park Middle School (719)686-2200
  • Woodland Park High School (719)686-2067


If you are interested in homeschooling your child(ren) you must provide written notification. Click here for more information and procedures.