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The safety and security of our students and staff are our top priority at WPSD. We have a Safety and Security Coordinator, three campus monitors, and three School Resource Officers (SROs) shared across the district to keep our schools as safe as possible.

We recently received a grant of almost $335,000 from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management which will assist us in improving security throughout our buildings. These include:

  • Installing security systems through Raptor Technologies that will instantly run identification screenings and background checks on visitors through custom databases to help identify people who should not be in our buildings for various reasons.
  • Building and redesigning vestibules at all WPSD buildings where identification will be verified in a secure area before visitors enter through the building doors.

Grades PreK-12
What to expect in the event of a school emergency or crisis situation.

Please understand staff may not be able to answer phones during a crisis situation.

The ability to pick up your child(ren) during a crisis may be limited due to emergency vehicles and/or safety reasons.

Crisis Plan

Our schools practice a variety of emergency drills throughout the year so that students and staff members know how to respond in the event of a real crisis.


A Green Light indicates a normal status at all of our schools.

Emergency Response Procedures

Emergency Response Procedures are standard, clear directives that may be implemented across a variety of emergency situations.


A Yellow Light indicates one of three events is occurring at our schools.

Secure Perimeter

Situation: Conditions inside are safer than outside, such as police activity nearby or wildlife on school property.

  • Stop all outside activities
  • Normal activities continue inside, with staff on alert for additional instruction.

Shelter in Place

Situation: Conditions exist where students and staff are safer in a sheltered specified area until cleared. Examples:

  • Tornado
  • Medical Emergency
  • Immediate investigation within the building


Situation: Conditions outside are safer than inside, such as a fire or gas leak.

  • Some or all areas of the building may be affected
  • Schools have procedures in place to evacuate to nearby facilities if necessary.

A Red Light indicates the worst case scenario.


Situation: Conditions exist that pose an immediate threat to students and staff.

Students and staff use A.L.I.C.E. Procedures -


In every situation, buildings outline a reunification process that aims at systematically bringing parents and students back together in the event of an emergency.

Connecting parents with their children is our highest priority!

Notification: As soon as possible, the following notification systems will be utilized by WPSD:

  • WPSD website and social media
  • Auto-Dial Message System to include voicemail, email, and texts
  • Local radio and TV stations
  • Nixle Alert

To receive emergency and non-emergency alerts, you must enroll at or call 719-785-1971.

Each school has its own plan that revolves around four components: Response, Recovery, Mitigation, and Preparation. Every year, the crisis response plans are reviewed and updated as necessary.