Woodland Park Middle School

WPMS Student Care Center

Welcome to the Student Care Center!

Vision: Connecting and Growing Together

Mission: To cultivate meaningful connections that will grow regulated, reflective and resilient learners.

Our services are available to all students. Many problems concerning both school and one’s personal life can be helped by counseling. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from teachers, school counselors, and administrators when these problems arise. Appointments can be made in the using the appointment link, counseling office, the main office, or through a teacher. Click here to request an appointment at the Student Care Center.

When should you visit the Student Care Center?

  • When you are having a difficult time making a choice or decision
  • When you are having trouble relating with teachers and classmates
  • When you are concerned with changes in your life
  • When you are feeling pressured by friends to make uncomfortable choices
  • When you are having trouble in your classes
  • When a school or family crisis has occurred

6th Grade Counselor:

Mrs. Kathy Morford kmorford@wpsdk12.org 719-686-2211

7th Grade Counselor:

Ms. Nicole Cherry ncherry@wpsdk12.org 719-686-2208

8th Grade Counselor:

Mr. John Paul Geniesse jgeniesse@wpsdk12.org 719-686-2207

Family and Community Liaison:

Mrs. Laura Magnuson lmagnuson@wpsdk12.org 719-686-2216