Woodland Park Middle School


WPMS Academics:

  • 1:1 Chromebook access
  • Curriculum aligned to Colorado state standards.
  • Curriculum that fosters high student engagement: Teachers empower students to learn in ways that are most effective for them, and know exactly what they need to succeed. As a result, students gain a strong sense of agency over their own learning progress, which helps keep them motivated and engaged.
  • Curriculum focuses on real, meaningful learning: Rather than simply transmitting information, teachers focus on helping students apply class material in a meaningful way. Instead of memorizing information, students are held accountable for demonstrating a strong grasp of concepts and key skills.
  • Teaching through Projects: Teachers support learning in the classroom by teaching a subject through whole group instruction, small group sessions, and one-on one time. Our curriculum is centered around project-based learning. Through hands-on projects, teachers show students how to apply lifelong skills — such as collaborating with a team, interpreting data, and presenting persuasive arguments.
  • Fostering Lifelong Learning Habits: In addition to what’s being taught by teachers, students have access to a range of learning resources through technology tools that help accelerate learning. By practicing studying in different ways, students develop an understanding of how they learn best. This helps students build habits that help them thrive throughout their lives. Habits like self-awareness, curiosity, and resilience.
  • Mentoring students: Teachers also play an additional role as mentors to their students, providing support through weekly one-on-one meetings. Teachers help students set long-term and shortterm goals and coach them through their progress. When a student is better understood academically, and personally, it cultivates a safer and happier learning environment for students.

WPMS Family & Consumer Science class is a favorite enrichment class!

Students a WPMS have the opportunity to take a variety of enrichment classes. Students prioritize their class preferences each year.

  • Band & Choir-competitive opportunities available
  • Art-sculpting, pottery, painting, drawing, and more!
  • Computers-typing, graphic design, coding
  • Physical education-fitness room, team sports, life sports
  • Consumer and Family Sciences-child development, nutrition, cooking, sewing, and home improvement

Students enjoy the PE Indiana Jones Unit!

PE looks a lot different than you may remember! Students participate in a variety of units that develop skills and habits for a lifetime.


Art students exploring ink painting


7th graders studying composting and growing seeds


Science labs are an integral part of the WPMS student experience. 6th graders students are shown here completing a frog dissection.


Archery lesson in PE


All grades can choose band or choir as an enrichment class and we also offer Odyssey Choir and Jazz Band

A project utilizing the 3D printer in STEM class.


Woodshop is offered throughout the year as part of our Family & Consumer Sciences enrichment class


Our student-led Panther News Network producing the school's newscast