WPSD Early Childhood Center SES

Half day and Full day preschool options are available. Half day sessions are Monday through Thursday. Full day sessions are Monday through Friday.

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Grade Level Message:

We believe that:

  • All children learn at their level
  • Families are a critical component of the learning process
  • Preschool is the 1st impression of the educational system for most families. We are setting the tone for education.
  • Preschool prepares for life
  • Early Childhood makes a large impact
  • Preschool develops a sense of school community and beyond
  • Whole child emphasis
  • Focus on the child

Each child will:

  • Develop learning behavior
  • Self regulation
  • Independence
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Intrinsic Motivation Centered

WE RECOGNIZE the importance of play as the basis of all learning experiences for young children.

WE RECOGNIZE the philosophy of “active learning”: Children learn by manipulating objects, exploring with all of their senses, and interacting with people and materials.

WE BELIEVE in providing a positive learning environment where children are encouraged to actively engage in all aspects of play. They have the opportunity to learn and discover skills necessary for social interaction as well as developing positive self-esteem.

WE STRIVE to meet the needs of individual children with concern for their interests, abilities, special talents, and developmental levels.

WE ENCOURAGE each child’s creativity, curiosity, initiative, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

WE SUPPORT each child’s ability to use language effectively to meet their needs and communicate with others. We also promote independence by concentrating on self-help skills.

WE ESTABLISH realistic goals and expectations for each child’s developmental abilities, which will help them be successful. Our child-based curriculum will encourage a love for learning that will last a lifetime!

Children with special needs

Developmental screenings for children, aged birth through five are held to identify those who need further evaluation. Bimonthly team evaluations will be offered to identify children who need special services. provided by the school district. Contact Child Find at 719-686-2415.


The cost to attend Summit Early Childhood Center:

$200.00 per month for four half days Monday - Thursday

$450.00 per month for five full days.

These monthly charges take into account the number of holidays, snow days, and absences. Tuition is due by the 1st of the month. Late notices will be sent after the 6th day of the month. A limited number of tuition support opportunities are available if needed.

Important Grade Level Information:

Summit Early Childhood Center Hours of Operation

Half day morning sessions are Monday through Thursday from 7:40-10:50.

Full day sessions are Monday through Friday from 7:40-2:45.

Summit Early Childhood Center contact information

Call Katie Icenhower at 719-686-2197 or email kicenhower@wpsdk12.org

Summit Early Childhood Center Staff

Katie Icenhower, Preschool Director 719-686-2197

Connie Knowles, Preschool Teacher

Lesslie Shaw, Preschool Teacher