Woodland Park High School

Fall Sports

Football is Coached by Chad Drummond.

Coach Drummond can be reached at coachdrummond13@gmail.com

Practice begins Monday, August 2.

Volleyball is coached by Stacy Roshek. Coach Roshek can be reached at sroshek@wpsdk12.org

Volleyball tryouts are Aug. 9-10. Time is 7-9:30 AM.


Golf is coached by Brian Gustafson. Coach Gustafson can be reached at bgustafson@wpsdk12.org

Tryouts are August 2.


Cross Country is coached by

Mike Schoudel and Alicia Mauer.

Coach Schoudel can be reached at mschoudel@wpsdk12.org or you can reach Coach Mauer at amauer@wpsdk12.org

Practice begins on August 9.

Softball is coached by Rich Krause. Coach Krause can be reached at rakrause31@yahoo.com

Practice begins on August 9.


Boy's Soccer is coached by Andrew Pappadakis.

Coach Pappadakis can be reached at apappadakis@wpsdk12.org

Practice begins on August 9.