Does the American Birthright standard affect AP courses?

No. The College Board develops AP course curricula.

With the American Birthright Standard, will social studies credits be NCAA-approved?

Each time WPHS adds a new class or changes standards, school officials must submit documentation to the NCAA and work through its review process. School officials are currently working through this process.

WPSD fully meets Colorado Academic standards and so has no real risk of losing NCAA accreditation. All of our courses are and will continue to be accredited. Adding the American Birthright standards has exposed a number of gaps in the previous civics and social studies content and has both resulted in the creation of a new course, World Geography, as well as the addition of the contributions of a large number of significant historical figures that had been overlooked.

Is WPSD replacing state standards?

No, WPSD is not replacing state standards; in fact, WPSD meets or exceeds state standards. The American Birthright standard further guides our curriculum, ensuring we provide a comprehensive education on the founding and functioning of our great republic.

Is American Birthright a curriculum?

No, American Birthright is not a curriculum itself. It is a standard that guides our curriculum to ensure we cover American history and government thoroughly and effectively.

How will the curriculum be affected?

Incorporating the American Birthright standard positively impacts our curriculum. It helps us identify gaps in our civics education. With the implementation of this standard, WPSD enhances our students' understanding of the principles and values that form the foundation of our nation.

How does the district plan to address financial literacy and the history of the Holocaust?

While the American Birthright standard covers many aspects of American history, it is not the sole standard on which we rely. For instance, per state requirements, we also incorporate financial literacy and the history of the Holocaust to ensure we provide a comprehensive curriculum.