WPMS & WPHS Planning Dashboard

Welcome to the WPMS & WPHS Planning Dashboard, where we inform our community about the ongoing planning process of moving the 7th and 8th grades from the middle school to the high school building. Please check back regularly for updates on our progress.

We are currently in the early planning phase, where big ideas are being explored. Collaboration between the district and building administration is ongoing, focusing on presenting the initial plan to the Board of Education during the February 14 Board meeting.

To ensure accuracy and avoid causing unnecessary distress, information on the dashboard is presented in outline format. Specific details will not be included at this early planning stage. Once plans are solidified, we will share comprehensive information with our staff, families, and community. We aim to update the dashboard every Friday, outlining the focus of our efforts and any significant developments in the planning process.

Current Focus Areas

The district and building administrators have been actively working on several key areas:

  • MS & HS Room Allocation Needs

    • Updated MS & HS Room Allocation Map. This map includes a few changes from the DRAFT map presented to the Board of Education at its February 14 regular meeting. These changes include:

      • Changes to Science Rooms:

        One significant adjustment involves relocating the science rooms to bring them closer to the rest of the middle school wing.

        Potential STEAM Space by the Library:

        In collaboration with high school building leaders, we are exploring the possibility of designating some rooms near the library as potential STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) spaces for middle school students. This proposal is still in the draft stage, and we are actively working with staff to assess its feasibility and desirability.

  • Student Traffic Flow within the Building

  • Separate Entrances for MS and HS Students

  • Campus Leadership Structure Discussions

  • Initial Bell Schedule Conversations

  • Potential New Electives and Academic Offerings for MS

  • Athletic facilities scheduling

Next Steps

  • District and building administrators will visit Florence School District to discuss their recent merger of middle and high schools.

    • District and building leaders recently visited Florence Jr./Sr. High School. The visit proved highly beneficial, providing valuable insights into the challenges and successes of moving middle school into the high school setting. Our leaders were pleased to find that WPSD is currently ahead of the issues that Florence Jr/Sr High School faced during the transition.

  • Meet with UPBOCES regarding program needs.

We appreciate your patience and support as we navigate through this planning phase. Stay tuned for further updates as we work towards a smooth and successful merger.

We want to hear from you! Please click here to offer constructive feedback on the merger and current focus areas.