Woodland Park High School

Parent Support for the Performing Arts

Band Parent Task Force

Marching Band

The Pride of the Park

This organization is for parents who would like to support the Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band. You can help out our bands in many ways:

  • be part of the pit crew
  • build sets
  • feed the band during contests and events
  • usher at our concerts
  • help at the mattress fundraiser

Contact WPHS's Band Director, Mr. Hemingson, to volunteer and be a part of this amazing team!

Performing Arts Parent Association


Performing Arts Parents Association

Performing Arts Parent Group (P A P A) supports Woodland Park High School’s philosophy and the arts programs and activities for the benefit of all students. PAPA stands to facilitate communication and parental involvement as well as encourage and coordinate volunteerism. PAPA, which is comprised of parents, faculty, and staff, desires and fosters a spirit of inclusion, partnership, community, and cooperation.

Currently, PAPA is supporting WPHS Choir and Theater programs, fundraising for special events, equipment and scholarships, and organizing volunteering for performances and assisting in many other ways.

Contact Mr. Hemingson or Mrs. Witczak to become part of this organization.