Woodland Park High School

WPHS Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements and Credit Explanation: Woodland Park High School is a four year school accredited by the Colorado Department of Education which includes ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Minimum graduation requirements are established by the Colorado Department of Education and the Woodland Park School District Re-2 School Board. To graduate from Woodland park High School, a student must have the credits listed below.

WPHS Graduation Requirements for Classes Graduating in 2023
and All Subsequent

Credits Content Area

3.0 Mathematics

3.0 English

3.0 Science

3.0 Social Studies to include:

0.5 Civics/Government

1.5 Physical Education

0.5 Health

0.5 Fine Arts

0.5 Technical Arts

10 Other Academic/Elective Credits

25 Total Credits

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High school graduates often set their sights on attending college.


Credits Content Area

4.0 Mathematics

4.0 English

3.0 Science (2 lab-based)

3.0 Social Studies

2.0 in the same Foreign Language

2.0 Academic Electives

For 2023 graduates and beyond new requirements from the State of Colorado

In addition to the 25 total credits requirement, classes graduating in 2021 and all subsequent must meet the following qualifications in order to graduate with a Woodland Park High School diploma:

  • Graduates must develop and successfully complete an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). Students can meet this requirement in their Advisory class.
  • Graduates must demonstrate college or career readiness in both English and Math based on a minimum of the successful completion of at least ONE measure from the following list: