Woodland Park High School


Use this to complete a CoVid wellness screener

  • Check in will be from 8:10-8:25am; Please arrive early to allow time for the COVID screening
  • All testers must complete the SAT/GRE screener before entering the building
  • Testing location rosters will be posted on outside windows so that students can look up their testing location before entering the building
  • QR codes will be taped to music stands and placed outside the building so that testers can scan and complete before entering the building.
  • Testers will check in at the clock tower and staff will verify they have completed the COVID screener prior to entering the building.
  • Once they are buzzed in, Staff will perform a temperature check and direct testers to testing rooms
  • Proctors will verify the tester’s testing ticket (paper or electronic) and the tester’s ID. Once verified, the proctor will instruct the tester which seat to take
  • Only one tester may leave a testing room at a time. Hall monitors will try to watch and ensure only one student is in the restroom at a time.
  • Masks are REQUIRED to be worn by all individuals at all times within the building. Masks will NOT be provided, please come prepared.