Columbine Elementary

4th Graders at the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs.


Knitting with Mrs. Davis. 4th grade choice Master Class

Columbine Master Classes started in 2012, as a result of creative brainstorming with the community members with the objectives to expand opportunities for the students through the community engagement; and to create opportunities for the teachers to collaborate while students are engaged in meaningful work. Every Friday, both, whole-class and choice Master Classes, invite our students to a plethora of experiences.


Quilting Master Class with "Quilters Above the Clouds"

From the very inception, Master Classes were designed as a membership model. Since 2012, staff members, district educators, parents, community members, community educational and non-educational organizations have been teaching Master Classes. The following are a few of many examples of the Master Classes: Theater, Junior Master Birder, Spanish, Beginning of Animal Anatomy, Quilting, Knitting, Junior Conservator, Nutrition, Robotics, Rocketry, Astronomy, Winter Ecology, Origami, Violin, and Yoga.


Lacrosse Master Class with Coach Hereau (Columbine parent)

Columbine purposefully seeks out and builds relationships with people who are passionate about their profession, craft, hobby, and studies; and passionate about teaching children and igniting their interest in a respective field.
Are you one of them? Do you know some? Would you be so kind and share with them your passion about Master Classes? Continue spreading the word tirelessly. Master Classes for our students depend on every one of us.