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The Power of Connections

Welcome to Columbine!

It is with great joy and a profound sense of responsibility that I welcome you to Columbine, a learning community with a heart. Here, we are committed to each other’s conspicuous success:

  • Teachers who believe that every child has great potential to learn and be successful
  • Parents who believe that teachers have their children’s best interests at heart
  • Students who believe that they are valued highly and that they can and will succeed
  • Teachers who believe that parents are their partners in the educational journey of each student
  • Students who know that each of their peers has dignity and worth, offering acceptance and encouragement as they learn and grow together.

As you visit Columbine, you witness the power of our values at work. Your family will always be warmly received in joining our community, in which commitment to each other is a hallmark of all our relationships and interactions. As we traverse your child's educational journey together, let us become allies in encouraging your children to reach their full potential and blossom into the best humans they can be in the world. Welcome, let us get started.

Kindest regards,

Veronica Wolken, Principal