Columbine Elementary

5th Graders at Catamount Center


Field work at the Catamount Center

TREE program with Catamount Center and Colorado College, 5th grade.

Every year, Columbine's fifth grade students commit to a semester of scientific inquiry with Catamount Center and Colorado College. School research in combination with field studies on Fridays culminates in the scientific presentations during Columbine Learning Expo in December. Columbine teaching staff, Colorado College professors, students, and fellows are the proud partners of this inspiring work.


E3 lesson with Mrs. McCracken, professional educator, Catamount Institute volunteer, and a long-standing friend of Columbine

Elevate Environmental Education (E3), Kindergarten - 5th grades.

Columbine's Master classes inspired District-wide programming and "Elevate Environmental Education (E3)" was born. Catamount Institute was one of the very first partners of the district in developing a robust and award-winning programming. Every elementary student (every year, every school) delves into minimum of ten hours of environmental science under the skilled guidance of Catamount Institute professionals.


Discovery Space Center in Colorado Springs

Space Foundation, 4th grade.

Columbine's fourth grade students have annual access to the world-class facilities at the Discovery Space Center through the "Space Foundations" programming. Professional educators from the Space Center usher our fourth grade students into ten hours of endless possibilities: from space rovers programming to weather patterns explorations.


Third grade swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center

Swimming, 3rd grade.

Our third grade students are welcomed by the professional swimming coaches at the Aquatic center for a quarter of swimming lessons. Water safety and foundational skills are the focus of these Lessons.


Nutrition Lesson in progress.

Eat-Play-Grow, 1st grade with Community Partnership Family Resource Center.

First graders engage in a quarter of learning about nutrition, snack-making, and healthy habits. Community Partnership is one of the strongest learning and teaching companions of Columbine elementary; and we cherish our connections.