Woodland Park Middle School

Welcome to WPMS Athletics!

Athletic Directors:

Mrs. Nicole Geniesse - ngeniesse@wpsdk12.org 719.686.2209

Mr. Luke Myers - lmyers@wpsdk12.org 719.686.2206

Athletic Assistant:

Mrs. Tami Parker - tparker@wpsdk12.org


All students registered in middle school sports will need to meet the following requirements in order to remain eligible for participation in contests:

  1. Students cannot have two or more Ds and any Fs.
  2. A preliminary eligibility report will pulled Friday and given to coaches. Coaches will then talk to athletes about grades.
  3. Final eligibility report pulled Monday at 3:00pm.
  4. If a student is ineligible on the Monday grade pull, then that student will not practice and/or compete for the school week (Monday afternoon-Saturday morning)
  5. If a student is ineligible for two consecutive weeks, then they will be removed from the team.