Woodland Park High School

Panther Tracks Yearbook

Yearbook Prices

Remember your final year of high school forever by purchasing a yearbook!

  • $55 until October 23rd
  • $60 until January 9th
  • $65 until sold out

Buy yours today for the cheapest price of the year!!

Senior Pictures

The deadline for senior pictures is December 20th, 2019.

A $15 fee will be charged after the first deadline. The final deadline to submit senior pictures is January 21st, 2019. If we do not have your senior photo by January 21stit will not make the yearbook.


You can turn in your senior pictures (hard copy or digital) to Mr. Graf

  • Please turn in your photo to Mr. Graf between passing periods or before or after school. Do not interrupt his class to turn in your photos.


Email your photo to: dgraf@wpsdk12.org

Please Note: If your senior photo is done professionally we will need a document from your photographer that states we are allowed to publish the photo in the yearbook.

Senior Quotes

Senior quotes are limited to 140 characters(you can check your character limit by drafting a tweet). Please fill out the form below with your senior quote and return to Mr. Graf byDecember 20th, 2019.

Please Note: If your senior quote contains content not suitable for publication, you will be notified and asked to change it. If you do not get back to us by the deadline or change your quote to more content unsuitable for publication, you will not have a senior quote.

Senior Ads and Business Ads

Parents: Commemorate your student’s senior year and all that preceded it by dedicating a page in the yearbook to your senior.




⅛ Page

4” X 2.5”


¼ Page

4” X 5.5”


½ Page

8.5” X 5.5”


Full Page

8.5” X 11”


Please Note:
  • ⅛ and ½ Page ads MUST be horizontal.
  • ¼ Page ads MUST be vertical.
  • Please make sure the dimensions are correct. A quick way to do this is to take a regular sheet of copy paper and fold it accordingly. Please refer to the diagram in the Senior ad form below.
  • If the ad does not have the correct proportions, we will be unable to place it.
  • If you choose to have the yearbook staff design an ad for you, there will be a design fee of $20 and all photos must be submitted to Mr. Graf
  • If you choose to create the ad yourself, we recommend a design on the computer, but you may also “cut and paste”
  • Please make sure that text on the ad is no closer than ¼ of an inch from the edge. Text too close to the edge may be cut off when the books are made.
Submitting Ads
  • Deliver ads or material for ads directly to Mr. Graf at the high school. All materials must be in an appropriate labeled envelope.
  • Mail ads to ℅ Mr. David Graf, Yearbook Advisor, Woodland Park High School, 151 Panther Way, Woodland Park, CO 80866
  • Email ads to: dgraf@wpsdk12.org
  • Acceptable file formats include: PDF, JPEG, InDesign, and Photoshop. We cannot open files that are not in any of these formats.

All ads are due by December 20th, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Ad space is limited and is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ad space cannot be reserved, and both the ad and the payment must be received before the ad is placed.

Returning pictures: We do try to get the pictures back to you, but because of many variables, we cannot guarantee it. We suggest that you do not give us valuable or one-of-a-kind photos. To have your photographs returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Your original will be returned to you before the end of May.

Please contact David Graf (dgraf@wpsdk12.org) at the high school if you have any questions.