Summer School

Classes Offered:

Math Enrichment and English Enrichment

This class is offered as .5 elective credit . The focus of this course is to REINFORCE Algebra, Geometry, or English skills to help ensure success in next year’s Math or English curriculum. This opportunity is excellent for incoming Freshman, especially those struggling in Math or Language Arts, and students who struggled in Algebra 1 or English 1. Grading will be Pass/Fail. Cost: $185 (can take multiple classes for one fee)


This course is designed for students who failed an academic class first or second semester. Students must satisfactorily complete the APEX course for the .5 credit. Students using APEX online for credit recovery may make up credit in a second class IF they successfully complete one APEX class. Cost: $185 (can take multiple classes for one fee)


Apex as a full course is a rigorous academic program for students looking to gain credits. The cost for a .5 credit and a letter grade through this program is $250. Students may attend daily summer school sessions for tutoring with their Apex course, but daily attendance is not mandatory. Students will have until August 7, 2017 to complete a Apex course. Please visit to see course offerings and learn more about this program. Cost: $250 (can take multiple classes for one fee)