Woodland Park High School

Hello Panthers! It's THAT time of year. And one of our great WPHS traditions of springtime is this Friday at 7pm. This year, MR. PANTHER it will be live-streamed.


To DONATE and VOTE for Mr. Congeniality:


2. Search for user name mrpanther2021

3. In the FOR section you MUST include COVID RELIEF and the name of the Panther in whose name you are donating/voting

Mr. Panther has been around for decades and as most everyone knows, the boys compete against each other for the title of Mr. Panther. Each contestant's talent has been prepared themselves.

This event has always been a fundraiser. Money is donated to the contestant viewers think did the best job. The one who raises the most money is deemed Mr. Congeniality. This year, the total money raised will be going to families in our district that have struggled during the pandemic. Please watch, share with your friends and support our contestants!