Woodland Park High School


Period Class Time

Senior Send-Off (35) 8:15-8:50

1 (77) 8:52 – 10:09

(Second Chance Breakfast)

Advisory (40) 10:17 – 10:57

3 (77) 11:01 – 12:18

Lunch (30) 12:18 – 12:48

5 (77) 12:52 – 2:09

7 (77) 2:13 – 3:30


∙ Buses will run on their normal schedule (3:30pm) on Tuesday and Wednesday, and at 12:30pm on Thursday.

∙ All passing periods are 5 minutes with the exception of the long passing period between Period 1/4/7 and 2/5/8 which is 15 minutes. 2nd Chance Breakfast will be available during that passing.

∙ The commons will be open as a study hall should a student not need to be in a particular class period.

∙ The End-Of-Year Schedule is intended to provide students an opportunity to improve a demonstration of learning for specific (or multiple) standards or course elements without harm to their existing score/grade. DOLs will be structured to include all individual standards/course elements for the semester. However, students will work with their teachers to mutually determine which standards or course elements need improvement.

∙ If a student has a 3 or above in the Standards Based Gradebook or an A in the REAL Platform, then he/she has already met the proficiency for the course and therefore is exempted from attending the End-Of-Year class period for that class.


Timeliness matters. Last year due to COVID cohort groups and the shortened school day, we extended some deadlines. This year the deadlines correspond with the end of the semester.

This is the final push! To help students, we have a few tutoring sessions that will be available for students and more sessions will be added as the need arises, so please keep checking the document for updates. Students have this information in their Advisory Google Classroom, in their REAL Platform announcements page, and in the Panther Nation newsletter. Take advantage of this opportunity! It's for you.

REAL Platform Classes

SBG Classes

AP and College Classes

Edgenuity New Credit Course (not credit recovery)

Seniors to Graduate in May

May 24, 3:30pm

May 24, 3:30pm

May 24, 3:30pm

(college deadlines vary by college)

May 24, 3:30pm

Last Day to turn in work or take final exam for S2 credit to earn A, B, or C grade on the transcript

June 2, 12:30pm

June 2, 12:30pm

June 2, 12:30pm

(college deadlines vary by college)

June 2, 12:30pm

Changing a NY into a C on the transcript

REAL classes are full year classes and calculated as such. Therefore, at the end of the year a S1 transcripted grade can be improved based on the S2 final grade. This will be done the week of June 13-15.

Completion of course requirements during Summer School

AP- take and pass the AP exam with a 3 or better.

College Classes- No option

After June 2, see your counselor for special arrangements to complete the course through summer school or Academic Success.

Special note about REAL Platform Classes:

1) Completing all PFAs has always been required to receive credit in the class.

2) Completing projects at 70% average of cog skills is required to receive credit in the class.

3) The blue progress line will end May 27 and anything not completed will turn red. Don’t worry, you still have until June 2, 2:30pm to submit work and take PFAs.