COVID Response

Woodland Park School District continues to work with Teller County Public Health & Environment (TCPHE) and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to monitor COVID-19 transmission within our school communities. See below for current prevention and mitigation strategies. For more information related to Teller County's case rates per 100,000, positivity rates, and hospitalization data please click here.


In an effort to proactively respond to potential increases in illness and to provide information to our families, the District developed the WPSD Scaled COVID-19 Response Mitigation Triggers. Thresholds identified mirror those historically in place for illnesses such as flu, chicken pox, or any other contagious disease. The identified metrics apply initially to classroom cohorts, in the hopes of addressing issues directly at the source. At the elementary level, these cohorts consist of homeroom classes or a combination of classes that mix throughout the day for extended periods of time. At Middle School, cohorts encompass grade-level groups. Finally, due to the possible number of combinations of courses at the High School level, all triggers at this level relate to the entire population.

If identified metrics are reached, the District will notify parents of the targeted intervention via email and on the Infinite Campus parent portal. Parents may also track COVID-19 cases within a school by visiting our website and accessing the COVID Dashboard which should launch by September 17th.

Health Screenings

  • Families should continue to screen their students for illness before sending them to school.
  • Students, Staff, & Visitors experiencing any symptoms should not report to school or school activities until these symptoms clear.


Mask Guidance

Masks are not currently required within school and district buildings for those that have been vaccinated and are strongly encouraged for those that have not been vaccinated.

On school buses, WPSD requires all students and staff to wear masks in compliance with federal mandates.


Students and staff notified by TCPHE to quarantine will be expected to follow this directive. To learn more about the identification of close contacts and who is required to quarantine, visit the link below.

Quarantined individuals may return 8 days after exposure if they receive a negative COVID test between days 5-7 of their quarantine. Otherwise, the quarantine period lasts 10 days.

Ill Students and Staff

School health staff will follow the guidelines below if a student or staff reports to school ill:

The following flowchart will support the return to work/school for non-covid related illnesses.


Students and staff that are positive for COVID-19 will be required per TCPHE to isolate for 10 days, and are considered infections 48 hours prior to symptom onset.


Students will be encouraged and provided the opportunity to practice periodic handwashing.


Our Facilities, Operations, and Transportation staff will continue to ensure that our schools and buses provide the safest possible environments.

  • School ventilation systems have been reprogrammed to the maximum extent possible to increase the fresh air.
  • Rooms have been equipped with air purifiers.
  • Custodial staff will continue to use a variety of proven techniques and supplies to ensure our schools are clean and sanitized. WPSD custodial cleaning procedures mandate extra cleaning on heavily trafficked areas while students are present. Chemical disinfectants will only be used when students are not present.
  • School bus drivers will continue to clean and disinfect buses thoroughly at the end of each shift.


While our students, families, and staff are and will continue to be resilient, we also recognize the pandemic created environments inside and outside our schools that can cause stress, anxiety, depression, or a sense of uncertainty. As we transition back to more normal classroom environments, WPSD will focus on delivering SEL curriculum, adding additional counseling services, monitoring student well-being, and building back school communities. Through partnerships with community agencies, WPSD has added supplemental mental health services for those families that wish to access support. Additionally, staff continue to have access to FREE mental health supports through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Now more than ever, we are committed to developing students' social emotional learning competencies and the wellbeing of our staff in order to create thriving school environments. For more information, please contact our school students support service teams.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support and efforts in reconnecting our school communities.

We ask that families set-aside some time to review the documents below outlining our reintegration phases and health protocols.