Pandemic Protocols

As we enter what we hope to be the final stretch, we want to provide a few reminders for all:

  • Screener:
    • Please continue to complete the self-screener each morning prior to coming to school.
    • Stay home, and keep siblings home, if any symptoms arise or if any contact occurs with others showing symptoms or with confirmed COVID.
    • The preservation of our in-person learning environment relies heavily on the actions of our community with regard to self-screening, self-quarantine, and testing of students presenting with symptoms.
  • Quarantine:
    • The District follows the guidance provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment when determining who needs to be quarantined. This guidance requires any person in the same room as the infected person for 40 minutes or more to quarantine, thus resulting in the exclusion of a full classroom. Further details provide direction on determining close contacts within the school setting, including those on the school bus.
    • Schools that face conditions deeming them as outbreaks may need to move to remote learning for a minimum of 3 days to mitigate risk. Outbreaks arise when multiple students from the same classroom and multiple classrooms have students or staff that test positive or are assumed positive.
    • All quarantines for staff and students will remain at 10 days from last exposure for the district. Persons fully vaccinated or within 90 days of a confirmed positive test will not need to quarantine unless they experience symptoms.
  • Notification: The District and schools issue general updates and quarantine letters via Infinite Campus. Methods of notification include email, text, and phone. Messages are also posted to parent portals in the IC Message Center. The settings for these notifications are controlled by the parents and may be updated at any time. Please contact your school for assistance in updating these, as applicable.

Thank you to everyone for the continued efforts you are taking to keep our students and our staff safe.

We ask that families set-aside some time to review the documents below outlining safety protocols and exclusion criteria.