Google Classroom

Please use your child’s Woodland Park School District email address to log in and follow these directions for daily use:

  1. Check the “Stream” tab for any announcements from teachers your child might have.
  2. Check the “Classwork” tab for an organized look at your day. Here you can see all assignments and materials by topic and time.
  3. Check the “Google Calendar” located under the “Classwork” tab for LIVE lesson times. Each LIVE lesson is posted on the calendar. Click the event for a link to join the meeting.
  4. Use the “People” tab to email teachers or classmates.
  5. When directed to complete an assignment, please click “turn in” once complete.


Please log in to Seesaw and follow these directions for daily use.

  1. For tablets or phones, download the Seesaw Class App
  2. For Chromebooks, laptops, or desktop computers, go to
  3. Your child logs in by clicking I’m a Student
  4. Your child will use their Google account to sign in: Click Sign In With Google and follow the prompts.