A Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning Expectations (K-5)

As we transition to remote learning, we need to be mindful of appropriate behavior when using video conferencing and two-way communication applications such as Google Meet. Our positive school climate must extend into our new reality with remote learning. Please help your child maintain this climate by adhering to the following:

Be respectful and appropriate at all times.

Please monitor your children as they access the online learning environment. Be mindful that live lessons are 30-minutes or less, so students need to refrain from disrespectful or disruptive behavior in the virtual classroom. Teachers reserve the right to mute or remove students whose behavior interrupts the learning environment.

Be present and mindful of others.

Please prepare your children to be engaged in the virtual learning classroom prior to each live lesson. Students need a good breakfast or snack prior to morning lessons and a good lunch prior to afternoon lessons. Encourage your children to use the bathroom prior to logging in to each lesson to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Practice active listening.

Active participation in a remote environment can be tricky as only one voice can come through at a time. Students who are able to write may use the chat feature to type questions or comments during a live lesson. Teach children how to mute themselves and use the chat feature.

Be punctual.

Because live lessons will be less than 30 minutes, please make sure to log in a couple of minutes prior to the start time of the lesson. This will allow lessons to start on time and give students the best learning experience possible. If your child is unable to attend a lesson, please email or Class Dojo message his/her teacher so the teacher is not concerned about your child’s lack of attendance.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Find a place in your home that is distraction-free and comfortable so that your child can focus on connecting with his/her class. Be mindful of your surroundings and what may be seen on video and remove noisy distractions like pets, TV, and music. Help your child learn to mute his/her microphone when not speaking.

Speak clearly.

Remind your child to speak clearly in the virtual classroom setting. This may take some practice, as younger students don’t always have an understanding of how their voice sounds through a microphone.

Respect privacy

As you support your child’s remote learning, please be mindful of the privacy of other students in the class. Younger students will require time to adjust to this environment and sometimes forget they are on camera and do or say something silly. Please encourage your children to be especially patient and empathetic to others as they learn and grow as remote learners.

Dress appropriately.

Though we understand that remaining in your homes allows a more relaxed dress code than the school environment, please ensure that your child dresses appropriately to create a learning environment free of distractions. If your child would not wear something to school, he/she should not wear that item during a live lesson.