Gateway Elementary

Team Alpine

Mrs. Elzy's Classroom Goal:

As Team Alpine Wolves, we will be respectful in our community. We will work as a team to make positive choices, apologize, forgive and be considerate to others so that we can all grow in our skills, talents and abilities.

Code of Cooperation:

  • Listen and Follow Directions
  • Take Turns
  • Be Friendly
  • Be Honest
  • Be kind and helpful

Mrs. Lee's classroom Goal:

In our class we will learn new things and if things get hard we won’t give up. Also we will always remember to be thankful and respectful.

Code of Cooperation:

  • We will stay focused to learn.
  • We will treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We will always try our best.

Mrs. Smerkonich's Classroom Goal:

As Team Alpine Tyrol Greys, we will help all who enter with a privilege to get better ar what is important to that person, always and forever for their future and ours.

Code of Cooperation:

  • I will be a mentor
  • Be safe and brave
  • Be kind (golden rule)
  • Listen and pay attention
  • Be a good Example

Mrs. Owen's Classroom Goal:

As Team Alpine Artic Foxes, we will be leaders, be kind to each other, and help each other so we can be successful Remote Learners.

Code of Cooperation:

  • I will be a leader
    1. I will be helpful to other students and the teacher.
    2. I will be kind to everyone.
  • I will be honest.
    1. I will tell the truth.
  • I will focus on my work.
    1. I will do my school work
    2. I will think about the lesson as I do my work.
    3. When I get stuck, I will ask a classmate, my family or my teacher for help.

Team Alpine is here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Kristine Elzy

Kim Lee

Eve Owen

Caron Smerkonich