WPSD proudly announces the opening of our newly redesigned Woodland Park School District Early Childhood Center (WPSDECC) located at Gateway Elementary!

The district holds a long history and tradition of offering preschool programs in each of our elementary schools. However, for the last several years, we faced challenges in staffing three individual preschool programs, especially given the unique requirements at this level. We know preschool lays the foundation for a strong educational journey through our district. So to ensure quality programming for our students and families, our team analyzed a variety of options and decided to bring together all individual programs under one roof.

The WPSDECC will be located inside Gateway Elementary with many of the faces our community knows and loves from each individual school playing an active role in the new center. We believe that centralizing our preschools allows us to provide opportunities for greater collaboration, to share resources, and to become more flexible in meeting the needs of our community. Since preschool students will return to their home schools for kindergarten, each elementary principal will be actively involved in events and learning in our new center.

If you would like more information regarding the WPSDECC program or have specific questions, please reach out to Director Katie Icenhower at kicenhower@wpsdk12.org.