Board of Education Goals 2021-2022

  • Community Engagement – Engage with community groups to provide information regarding state of the District: Academically, Relationally, Financially.
  • Strategic Plan – Continue to monitor the plan and establish measurements to identify progress and value in partnership with Superintendent.
  • Board of Education Development – To build a high performing Board of Education that governs through strong shared beliefs and values focused on what is best for all students by pursuing individual and team development in alignment with Board Governance Policies GP-4 & GP-5.

District Purpose Statement

A Place of Becoming

Pursue – Learn - Become

The Woodland Park Re-2 School District exists so that students can pursue their passions through a lifelong learning mindset and develop a solid foundation to thrive and become successful citizens.

  • The District will foster an exceptional, positive and empowering work environment to retain and inspire a quality staff.
  • The District will have an educational culture that inspires, empowers, and connects with students.

Academic Achievement

Students shall gain the academic skills they require to interact and excel in society with next generation learning tools, empowered educators, and a wide range of high quality programs.

Social Emotional Achievement

Students shall have the traits and life skills necessary for them to become meaningful citizens. High expectations for behavior will promote a culture of collective excellence throughout the District with students accepting responsibility and accountability for their own actions.

Exploratory Achievement

Students shall have opportunities to explore their talents, pursue their passions and expand their interests.