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Students in Woodland Park School District complete a number of assessments that are designed to provide the student, parents and teacher with information that helps ensure a successful education.  Students participate in state and district assessments to determine progress toward the Colorado State Standards, development of Literacy skills, and to help teachers identify instructional needs.




Colorado State Assessments


TCAP - Transitional Colorado Assessment Program

The Transitional Colorado Assessment Program (TCAP) is a standards-based assessment designed to provide a picture of how students in the state of Colorado are progressing toward meeting academic standards.  Students are assessed from Grade 3 through Grade 10 in reading, writing, and math,  Students in Grades 5, 8 and 10 are also assessed in science. Students in Grade 4 and 7 are assessed in Social Studies.   Each content area consists of three approximately hour long sessions, except for grade 3 with two sessions for each content area.  For more information on how Woodland Park students perform on TCAP assessments, go to our Shareholder's report.  District assessment windows are listed below, but please check individual buildings for exact times and dates by grade levels and content areas.


Grade 3 Reading 2/14/14 - 3/07/14

Grade 3-10 Reading, Writing, Math  3/03/14 - 03/20/14

Grade 5 & 8 Science, Grade 4 & 7 Social Studies 4/14/14 - 5/02/14



CoACT - Colorado ACT

The Colorado ACT is an assessment for all juniors to determine their level of college readiness.  These are valid ACT scores and may be used for college entrance requirements.


April 23, 2014 (Make-Up Date:  May 7, 2014)



COAlt - Colorado Alternate

COAlt is designed for a very small number of students with significant cognitive disabilities who are working toward expanded benchmarks that correspond and are aligned to the Colorado Standards.  An IEP team, including parents, determine which assessment is appropriate for a particular student.


Grade 3- 10 Reading, Writing, Math  2/05/14 - 3/14/14

Grade 5 & 8 Science, Grade 4 & 7 Social Studies 4/14/14 - 5/02/14




ACCESS for ELLS (formerly CELA)

The ACCESS  Assessment for ELLS is an assessment for second language learners who are not yet proficient in English.  It does not replace TCAP, but is designed to measure progress toward English acquisition,  ACCESS assesses a student's ability to listen, speak, read, and write in English.


Grade K-12 Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening 1/06/14 - 2/07/14




Woodland Park District Assessments



WPSD Literacy Assessments:

(for more information on literacy assessments, go to CELA - Colorado Early Literacy Act)


DIBELS Next (mClass): Grade K-3 All Students

Fall Benchmark assessments - complteted by end of September

Winter Benchmark assessments - December 9 - 20, 2013

Spring Benchmark assessments - April 28 - May 9, 2014


MAP:  K-10 Reading, Language Usage, Math

Fall:        August 22 - September 13, 2013

Winter:   Elementary - December 2 - 20, 2013

                Secondary - January 7 - 17, 2014

Spring:   April 14 - May 9, 2014


Click Here for Parent Letter:  files/MAP_Testing_Parent_Letter_Fall_2012.pdf



Fall:       ILPs/READ plans must be written in Alpine and signed by Thanksgiving

Spring:  ILP - Literacy summary sent to parents by end of school year

               READ plans updated in Alpine and signed by May 9, 2014

               Literacy Status - All K-3 students and students below grade level in Grade 4-11 updated in Alipine by 5/16/14


CogAT:  Cognitive Aptitude Test

Students in 3rd Grade and 6th Grade take the Cognitive Aptitude Test (CogAT).  The CogAT measures general reasoning abilities and problem-solving skills in three domains: verbal, non-verbal and quantitative.  The CogAT scores are used to identify learning strengths and weaknesses as well as assist in identifying GATE (Gifted and Talented) students.  The CogAT is administered in August for 6th graders and October for 3rd graders.



2nd Grade Writing Assessment

The 2nd Grade Writing Assessment is designed to give students, parents and teachers information about how a student is progressing in their writing skills.  Student writing is scored by a district team using a common district scoring rubric.


Week of April 7 - 11, 2014



Technology Literacy

Technology Literacy assessment for 5th and 8th grade students.  (for more information click on Technology)



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